Joan Miró: Birth of the World, MoMA 24 Feb-15 Jun

The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), New York, has supplemented their already extensive collection of Joan Miró artworks with several key loans, to present ‘The Birth of the World’ as part of their Spring 2019 exhibition series.

Supported by a host of gallery experience events to fully immerse oneself in Surrealist master Miró’s world, the exhibition runs through till June 15th.

Named after Miró’s titular piece, the exhibition includes 60 paintings, prints, illustrated books and objects made by the artist during his transformative period from 1920 to the early1950s.

The signature piece, a large-scale1925 painting, was painted after Miró’s first incendiary trip to Paris in 1920 where he was introduced to avant-garde society, and joined the Surrealist Group.

Following on from his first failed exhibition in Paris in 1921, Miró spent the following four years honing his style and drawing heavily on the influence of his newly discovered Surrealist painter and poet friends.

“You and all my writer friends have given me much help and improved my understanding of many things,” Miró penned to his friend and poet Michel Leiris in the summer of 1924, of their impact on his work.

Returning to Paris in 1925, his Surrealist style evolving, Miró exhibited again. This time a rousing success.

Birth of the World (1925) embodied Miró’s new painting techniques and dreamlike style that tapped into the workings of the subconscious mind, culminating in this seminal piece.

The Joan Miró exhibition runs until June 15th 2019