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About Willstone Management

For over 15 years, Willstone Management have been collecting, investing and valuing art.

Since our foundation, the firm has specialised in art as an alternative asset class. Our in depth art market knowledge, extensive global network, and years of experience enable us to provide clients with expert perspectives to help them make decisions with confidence.

With years of experience, alongside in-depth knowledge of the market and an extensive global network, Willstone Management continues to be one the most prestigious and successful firms in the industry.


For over 15 years, Olyvia Kwok has been collecting and investing in art. After graduating from Queen Mary’s University in 2002 with a degree in BSc Statistics, Olyvia opened her very first gallery in St. James’s, London, which specialised in emerging markets including the BRIC. Following the initial success of her gallery, Olyvia created an art fund for a private bank in Switzerland where she continued to utilise her knowledge of emerging markets, sourcing works from China, Japan and Korea. With Olyvia’s admired ability to understand and identify market trends, the art fund continued its success, despite the 2008 financial crisis. Olyvia accurately predicted a steep increase in demand for impressionist drawings during this time. In 2010, Olyvia turned her attention to the re-emerging American pop art market, duly opening an exhibition entitled ‘Andy Warhol: Portraits’. This exhibition included a number of Warhol’s most celebrated works and was once again, a resounding success. The following year, Olyvia expanded her business, taking a specific interest in German expressionism. Once more, this demonstrated her ability to anticipate emerging markets and to analyse opportunities in varying economic climates. Olyvia founded Olyvia Kwok Fine Art Management in 2011, offering investment services to external clients and co-investors. With years of experience, alongside in-depth knowledge of the market and an extensive global network, Olyvia continues to be one the most prestigious and successful individuals in the industry. Aside from her art investments, Olyvia is an animal lover and keenly supports a number of charities that are dedicated to securing the safety and welfare of animals across the world. Most recently, she purchased items at the Elephant Family auction, helping to raise significant finances for the charity which helps protect Asian elephants and their natural habitats.

Our Strategy

Since the mid-1980s, art has become its own asset class. The key to investing in art, like any asset, is to fully understand the marketplace. However, unlike equities, art has a unique aesthetic, cultural and emotional value as well as a monetary value. As the functioning of the art market is complex, it allows those with inside knowledge to reap substantial benefits. For those who invest wisely, it’s potentially high returns and low correlation to other investments justifies serious attention.

  • Our Investment Knowledge

    Our in-depth industry knowledge combined with the reach of our global network allow our clients to access exclusive opportunities in one of the last unregulated markets.

  • Our Investment Philosophy

    We provide our clients with expert perspectives to help them make art investment decisions with confidence. Our unique ability to see what others do not and connect disparate information creates novel insights that lead to optimal outcomes.

  • Our Investment Strategy

    We offer our clients several different art investment vehicles; including participation in auction guarantees, consortium deals, or managing an individual portfolio by holding artworks of different values with tailor-made exit plans. Our interests are closely aligned with our clients – we invest along side them in the consortium deals.

We evaluate the risk profile of each individual investor, based on their specific requirements and will tailor investment plans according to the needs of the specific client – amount available to invest, duration of investment, liquidity risk, and expected return.