Art Secured Lending and Third Party Guarantees

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Capital Services

Launched in 2016, we specialise in third-party auction guarantees.

The art finance market has seen an unparalleled boom in recent years, no doubt buoyed by shifting perceptions amongst wealth management players and art collectors. Wealth managers increasingly see art as an integral part of any wealth management offering, while to art collectors, it is a valuable capital and investment asset.

According to recent estimates, the art-secured lending sector is doing in excess of US$15 billion of business per year.

Third-Party Guarantee Services

Olyvia Kwok Capital was launched in 2016 and specialises predominantly in third party auction guarantees.

A third party guarantee uses an outside financier, Olyvia Kwok Capital in this instance, to underwrite a guaranteed financial amount when a piece of art goes to auction. If the artwork fails to sell, the financier pays the agreed guarantee and subsequently owns the property. This reduces the risk for prospective sellers.

This type of guarantee is not only applicable to individual pieces of artwork. Entire collections can be subject to third party auction guarantees.

Olyvia Kwok Capital works with a number of collectors and wealth management individuals from across the globe including clients from the Middle East and Asia.

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